Best Mouth Swabs for Elederly

Mouth Swabs for Elderly

Summary – Oral swabsticks provide a patient with temporary relief from dry mouth, cracked lips, or inability to swallow solid foods.


What are mouth swabs?

Mouth swabs are used to reduce or eliminate problems commonly found in palliative care and long-term care facilities: dry mouth, pain in the gums, infections, bad breath, changes in taste, inability to produce saliva, excessive saliva production, and drooling.

Mouth swabs can benefit a patient’s quality of life by improving one’s ability to communicate, socialize, enjoy food and drinks, and reduce comfort and pain.

Radiation, chemotherapy, dehydration, and poor oral hygiene can all contribute to pain and discomfort in the mouth.

Some prescription drugs cause dry mouth or increase the risk of infections.

What are mouth swabs used for?

Mouth swabs are used for a patient’s daily mouth care. Mouth swabs play a pivotal role in oral care and hygiene.

Mouth swabs are gentle enough to keep the patient’s mouth and lip clean and moist and apply petroleum gel to treat dry lips.

How do you swab your teeth?

People recovering from surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, or hospice care generally lose the dexterity and strength to clean their teeth effectively. 

One solution is to have a nurse caretaker provide oral care. Because a toothbrush can be corrosive to damaged and infected gums, oral mouth swabs can be used to swab your teeth.

Povidone-Iodine Antiseptic SwabSticks can effectively reduce bacteria within the mouth and can be used to treat the symptoms associated with infections.

Simply remove the swab stick from the individual wrapping and gently swab the infected area.

Where can I buy mouth swabs for the elderly?

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